Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Rocky Top Hubby

Hello blogging world! I feel the need to introduce myself as I joke that I am A Rocky Top Husband! There is a lot of truth in that as my wife and I know one way of doing things....all in and thus, if she is all in to blogging then I am too! While I am new to the blogging world, I have been an avid forum user/moderator for a very long time. I have loved watching my wife do all her social media "stuff" and when she suggested doing a joint blog to document our life; I was excited.

When Sarah and I got married last May, we didn't think about our life together as a "new chapter". Married life is a whole new book for the both of us. A different chapter would mean there is just one main person. When we said "I do", we began a new life together!  So far, we can sort our life into two big sections. The first was "2015-The Year of Getting Married". Now, we keep referring 2016 as "The Year of the House".

We are about to tackle the huge project of building a house together, within our first year of marriage. We know that it is going to be a big project, and we are excited to share it here. Today, we toured our lot, marked the area that we are hoping the house will be able to go, flagged what trees we want to keep, and stared at our beautiful new view. 

First things first

When you are not building in the city you need to get a perk test done.  This involves getting someone out to the lot to do soil samples, map the the land, and then dig some holes.  The perk tester will then dig some holes and put water in them, he will measure how long it takes the water to drain in those holes and give you a rate.  This will determine the size of the septic tank and really determine how many bedrooms and where the house is located.  This sounds like a simple task but just as all tasks you get a list and call up the people and half do not call you back and half are booked up for months.  Along with everything this is another cost that is before the building loan and a cost out of pocket.  

While all this is gibberish, this is what you get to see when you figure out if your spot of land can handle the house you want to build.  This basically means we can build the house we want but we have to put it in a very specific spot on the land.  I am sure this will be more of an issue in the future but for right now you work with what you have.  

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