Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January House Update

Things have been moving quickly at Cooper's Cottage the last few weeks. I wish that we had paused for a moment to take better pictures, but I am excited to share some of the progress that has occurred! 

We are so excited about our kitchen. Our kitchen, dining room, and living room are all one open-concept space. We are thrilled that adding the cabinets does not close off the space, and we can't wait for appliances to go in and for counter tops to be added.  

We are obsessed with the hardwood floors. We went with floors that had a ton of character. It is going to be fun keeping them clean! :)

They started working on doors and trim as well. They will be painted white to match the trim soon. 

This is our master shower and David's project. The shower will have two wall shower heads and a rain down shower head. We will add grout as soon as we can decide on a color! 

The sunrises and sunsets are just gorgeous out at the house. I can't wait to watch them from our porch one day!