Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Framing and Electric

Lots of work has been happening on our Cooper Cottage. The framing stage is complete so we wanted to share some photos from that phase. 

This is the view of our stairs to the second floor. Our living, dining, and kitchen area is an open concept layout so this specific part of the room will be where the dining table will be. The hubs and I are building our table on our own so that it fits the space perfectly. <3

I am so excited about having a mudroom. Our mudroom will be right off the garage. The stairs actually lead up to another room above the garage. We are going to leave the room above the garage unfinished for now, but we already have big plans for it in the future!

(Another view of stairs leading up from the mudroom)

(Bonus rooms above the garage)

The hubs loves to use his GoPro to take shots of the house like this one that shows the electric, AC, and plumbing in the ceilings. 

Our two car garage had the concrete poured recently as well! We have never had a garage to park our cars in before so we are pretty excited about this space. 

I cannot wait to get our gas fireplace lit for the first time. We have the option to burn wood or use the gas and we also added a blower to help us disperse the heat throughout the main floor. 

This is our master shower. It will have a tub inside as well as three shower heads. This was the one room that the hubs went crazy on. It has also been one of the hardest spaces for us to design! 

One other major change has been the construction of the retaining walls. Due to the large slope of our lot, we have had to create multiple retaining walls. 

Insulation and drywall is next! <3

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