Sunday, September 25, 2016

September Days are Here

When we set out to build this house, we began the process knowing that it was almost impossible. Our budget was already very tight, and we knew that we would go over budget....that is just part of the house building experience. 

Our last blog post was August 6th, and we told you we hoped to be done with framing that week. Now, it is September 25th and we are still not quite done with the framing (although we are SUPER close! <3) 
 We have held back posting anything because our lot became a ghost town for a few weeks while we worked with contractors, redesigned our budget, experienced every emotion possible thanks to this project, and then got ourselves back on track. 

Watching the house move along and actually start resembling a house is a lot of fun. We get so excited to turn onto our driveway and start driving down the hill, because we know that there will have been something new added to the lot. 

Most of our windows and doors have arrived and been installed.  We are loving the big windows and all of the natural light that this house is going to have. 

I (Sarah) am super excited about our front door. We got as close to my "dream door" as we could for our budget, and I am going to finish getting the door looking how I would like it. We went with a metal door, and I am going back and forth on what to actually paint it. I love the stained wood look, but I am also obsessed with the teal/light blue doors. will be a surprise to us all when I finally decide what to do with it! 

The roof should be delivered and installed this week. We went with a black metal roof. So many folks  have asked us about the color choice. Doesn't black absorbs sunlight? Won't the house get really hot because of the roof? Those are extremely valid questions.  We did our research and came up with a lot of information about metal roofs, color, and heat absorption. Yes, it might potentially make it a little hotter, but how the house is built and what material is under the roof is what actually makes the biggest difference. 

Ask me that question again in a year, and I will let you know if we agree. :)

They worked extremely hard to get the porches completed last week. The white support beams, which I (Sarah) begged for, look stunning. The decking is done, and we are now waiting for the rest of the posts to arrive so that those can be installed. I have dreamed of a wrap around porch and cannot believe that my dream is going to come true!

And, we had to share this picture. Can you say gross and cool all at once?!?! David sent me this picture earlier in the week, and I about died. The wildlife out here is in full force, and I LOVE that. But the snakes can stay hidden. Good snakes, bad snakes, any snakes...please stay off our porch! :)

This is the most up to date photo of the house. I (Sarah) look at it and want to bust into tears. The porch is beautiful. I am in LOVE with our view. The french doors are gorgeous, and the upstair bedrooms already have such a great vibe to them. We will have a massive laundry room and craft room, our cars will be to be parked in a garage, our puppies will have plenty of room to run,play, and I could keep going on and on. 

This process is an emotional rollercoaster, but it is going to be worth it. We are so grateful that we are on this journey, even when it is bumpy and makes us question the entire process.  I mean...with this can you be upset?